Details Series, The Everyday Press

  • Research
  • 2015

Details is the new publication by CLTH building research team, a group of four architects who, apart from making interesting buildings, love thinking about architectural details. What makes them good or bad, what they say about a building, an architect, a place, or a movement in history. If a building can manifest how we think, how does a detail speak about the whole? Can you have good details and a bad building? Or a good building made out of bad details? These and other questions are explored in this new publication made out of a series of beautifully illustrated collectible pamphlets.

Arnaud Desjardin, founder of The Everyday Press, is the publisher behind this project. Arnaud has a background as a book seller of rare and out of print art books. His decision to start a publishing company was born out of a desire to publish the kind of art books that museums, galleries and other commercial publishers are not producing today. This is how Everyday Press began making collaborative artists books that sets them apart from the norm. Each publication follows a different design process, depending on the subject and the artists involved in the project.

This particular series of DETAIL pamphlets have been made using risograph printing, a technique that lies halfway between screen printing and photocopying, and although not widely used after falling out of fashion decades ago, it gives the prints a handcrafted quality that sets them clearly apart from the mass produced publication.

The publication was presented by Wayne Head at RIBA Bookshop on the 3d of November 2015.

Details Series is available at Anagram books and Trouva

Publisher: The Everyday Press
Series: Details
112 pages
37 colour illustrations
13cm × 17cm
Format: Slipcase