Île de Ré, France

  • Private Houses

This new build family house will be sited on a one acre site on the Île de Ré France, off the West coast of France near La Rochelle. Planning permission for the new house is not yet granted as the isle unfortunately flooded during the period of stage two design development. Despite these sensitivities of its salty sea level location! we will continue to evolve the design to take into consideration flood scenarios.

The design of the new house is sensitive to its setting within the existing salt flats landscape, which includes an orchard.
The house is conceived in plan as five places under one roof, characterised by different local elements: a column lined central spine of circulation lined with white sand and lit by the stars; a timber guest and collections room; a timber framed central garden and orangery; a living and dining ‘quarter’ with plunge pool; Salt white and pink sleeping carrels.