Peabody Trust Competition

  • Housing

The Peabody Trust's Morpeth Road competition gave us an opportunity to show how houses with gardens can be built in an unusual urban situation. Single storey and two storey houses relate to different site locations along Morpeth Road. A linear house and garden and two storey houses relate to the existing two storey buildings on the site's west boundary. All houses have small but useful gardens and there is a community children's play space reached through a gated entrance from the Morpeth Road pavement.

Inside the houses, the living dining kitchen of both one and two storey houses open to a garden, the full volume beneath the gently shaped roof adds height in the living space. In the two storey houses, living rooms expand to the height of the roofs. Efficient and flexible use of space includes, for example, kitchens and living-dining rooms sharing circulation area and a study or young person's ground floor bedroom in the two storey house that can be a place for an elderly person in the family cycle.

On the outside, timber cladding, stained to match the roof solar panels, emphasises the contrast between garden fences and buildings and vigorous building form gives individuality to each house. The lowest part of the roof is always at the party wall to minimise the apparent height when viewed from the existing garden. There is a welcoming entrance place is recessed from the pavement.