The Hybrid Theatre London, The London Clinic

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Christopher Bishop, consultant vascular surgeon explained: “Patient outcomes following surgery are much better in the hybrid theatre as the operations are less invasive, using more keyhole-like techniques, resulting in reduced stays in hospital for patients and less pain following the operation too. The London Clinic’s fabulous new hybrid theatre allows us to exploit cutting-edge techniques and its facilities are unsurpassed in the UK private sector.”

Caroline Nicklinson, director of Theatre Services at The London Clinic said, “Ensuring patient comfort and safety were key factors in the construction of the hybrid theatre. Variable lighting and relaxing imagery creates a comforting atmosphere for patients. The London Clinic’s hybrid theatre is different from other traditional operating theatres. The modern style and fresh colour complement the latest technology available.”

A ‘world class’ ultra clean hybrid operating theatre for the treatment of cardio vascular disease was the result of careful synthesis between emerging clinical techniques and aesthetic objectives.
Hybrid operating theatres are likely to become the ‘norm’ as more patients benefit from minimally invasive catheter-based procedures in collaboration with established complex open cardiac, vascular and traditional surgery.

Wondering why the floor is green? According to psychologist John Werner who studies Vision at the University of California, green backgrounds are deployed with good reason. Doctor Werner says ‘looking at something green from time to time can keep someone’s eyes more sensitive to variations in red. The brain interprets colours relative to each other. If a surgeon stares at something that’s red and pink, he becomes desensitized to it. The red signal in the brain actually fades, which could make it harder to see the nuances of the human body.’